Author: Karl Mohn

Karl is a Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia. His focus areas are digital humanities, rhetoric and composition, and comics studies. He gets to read and write comics and play video games and call it research. Jealous?

Title: The Lord of the Rings Project Author: Emil Johansson Publication Date: January 2012 Official Website: When I was first approached to contribute to this Webtext Madness, I knew I wanted to do something Alt.Ac., and I knew right away what I wanted to show off: I admit it. I’m a huge nerd above and beyond many people I know, and I grew up reading Tolkien. In fact, I’m pretty sure The Hobbit was the first “real” book I read on my own as a kid. I’ve always been a huge fan — I’ve read The Silmarillion, The Book of…

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