Author: Lucy A. Johnson

Lucy Johnson is a PhD Candidate at Washington State University who is deeply committed to critical diversity across all areas of her work. Her dissertation project traces the historical roots of visual and digital literacy practices. While she turns specifically to the emoji as a site for discussion, her work directly engages with the ways that any seemingly new digital communication tool is always already steeped in larger cultural contexts.

With the rising prevalence of data mining, surveillance analytics, and personally tailored user experience within our online navigation, the ways in which we occupy, understand, and engage with our digital footprints becomes a fluid concept—bending and shifting based on the power structures at play “under the hood” of the digital spaces that we occupy. In response, scholars such as Estee Beck (2015) have worked to expose the ways in which our “visible” digital identities are only a fragment of the footprints we leave behind as users, arguing that the “invisible” digital identity is perhaps just as powerful as the ones…

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