Author: Maryana Boatenreiter

Maryana Boatenreiter is a MA student in Composition and Rhetoric at Miami University. Her research interests are anti-racist and feminist pedagogy and the intersections of place-based and digital activism.

Session E11: “Reading and Writing about Bodies and Technology: Imagining a Rhetorical Technofeminist Pedagogy” Presenters: Kaitlin Clinnin, Katherine DeLuca, Katie Manthey Review by Maryana Boatenreiter This year was my first time attending Computers and Writing. I’m excited to write about one of the panels that inspired me through the innovative, change-focused work that was shared. Kaitlin Clinnin began the Saturday morning session by introducing the concept of rhetorical technofeminism. Building on scholars like Judy Wajcman, Clinnin explained rhetorical technofeminism as an embodied, intersectional method to critically interrogate technological features, texts, and power structures. Following the notion that technologies are not…

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