Author: Victoria Houser

I am a PhD student at Clemson University in the Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design program. My research interests include digital composition and FYC pedagogy as well as the exploration of mass violence and Burkean concepts.

Session B12: “Coding/Learning/Writing: A Cultural Digital Rhetorical Gathering” Presenters: Elizabeth LaPensee, Catheryn Jennings, Kristin Arola Review by Victoria Houser Panel Description: Interrogating the coding and design of the video game Thunderbird Strike, the ways one learns a heritage language through digital spaces, and one Ojibwe woman’s attempt to rhetorically intervene in a social media attack on her cultural claims, this panel shows how cultural and digital rhetoric can, and should, intersect with our theories, pedagogies, and practices. This panel struck me as particularly fascinating since the presenters dealt with significantly difficult social issues at the intersection of writing and coding. I…

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