DRC Wiki Quest Winner: Alyssa Hillary


We previously reflected on the DRC Wiki Quest at Computers and Writing 2015 and met grand prize winner Stephanie Vie.

This week, meet DRC Wiki Quest grand prize winner Alyssa Hillary! Alyssa was the first to complete the DRC Wiki Quest at Computers and Writing 2015.

We offer congratulations to the three grand prize winners, Alyssa Hillary, Stephanie Vie, and Shelley Rodrigo, who completed the steps in the DRC Wiki Quest, and all the other questers who participated in the DRC Wiki Quest and helped collaboratively build the resources of the DRC Wiki.

Alyssa Hillary stands before a DRC Wiki Topic brainstorming poster with a list of possible topics and DRC Wiki Quest SWAG, including the floppy disk pencil holder and with the DRC Wiki Quest game sheet

Alyssa Hillary with DRC Wiki Quest SWAG standing before a DRC Wiki Quest topic brainstorming poster

Meet DRC Wiki Quest winner Alyssa Hillary, who won as a grand prize a copy of Rhetoric and the Digital Humanities by Jim Ridolfo and William Hart-Davidson.

Alyssa Hillary is an Autistic master’s student in mathematics at the University of Rhode Island. Sie attended Computers and Writing 2015 as part of an informal disability and neurodiversity group, and is generally interested in all things technology. Sier blog is Yes, That Too, and when not being academic, Alyssa enjoys playing Ultimate (Frisbee.)

What inspired your participation in the Computers and Writing 2015 DRC Wiki Quest?

It was there, and there were prizes, so I looked. Then the part where I think wikis are important kicked in.

Describe your experience with the Wiki Quest: What was difficult at first? What did you learn that helped you overcome any initial challenges?

Since I’ve edited wikis before, this wasn’t too tricky. Instead I challenged myself by seeing how many goals I could hit at once (tweeting a picture of the picture of me related to the WikiQuest which I’d just added to the Wiki page about the WikiQuest, I think.)

DRC Wiki Quest Computers and Writing Entry by Alyssa Hillary with a retrospective list of themes and locations by year

DRC Wiki Quest Computers and Writing Entry

Major Contributions to the Wiki: What articles/sections did you work on? What kind of content did you add?

I made a page for a session (D5: Disability and Universal Access,) which I later reviewed for the DRC, though I used my notes and that page as a reference in my review. I also started adding a list of previous conference locations and themes to the Computers and Writing wiki page and made a page for the Wiki Quest, which as of my writing this still only has a statement about the level one part of the quest and the aforementioned picture of me.

DRC Wiki Quest Wiki Page: Featuring Alyssa Hillary's Text Describing the DRC Wiki Quest and a Photo of Alyssa Hillary and the DRC Wiki Quest Game Sheet

DRC Wiki Quest Wiki Page: Featuring a Photo of Alyssa Hillary and the DRC Wiki Quest Game Sheet

What would you say to others about editing the DRC Wiki?

You need to make an account first, but editing the wiki is something you can learn fairly quickly by doing it, so don’t be too afraid. Also, there’s plenty in need of being added, so have at it.

…editing the wiki is something you can learn fairly quickly by doing it, so don’t be too afraid. Also, there’s plenty in need of being added, so have at it.

We look forward to seeing more contributions from Alyssa Hillary!

Want to get in on the DRC Wiki editing action? First, create a U-M Friend Account at https://friend.weblogin.umich.edu/friend/. After confirming your account, log into the DRC Wiki with your U-M Friend account name and password. [Contact DigitalRhetoricCollaborative@umich.edu with any additional questions (please use subject line: DRC Wiki help question).]

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