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Image of Jason Tham with his poster at SIGDOC 2018

I am thrilled to return as a second-year Graduate Fellow with the DRC. I had a very good experience last year learning from different scholars across the field and contributing to its body of knowledge through various DRC projects. I look forward to another great year in that regard.

In addition to the projects I undertook last year—blog carnivals, webtexts, technology reviews, conference reviews, and in-person presentations—I plan to engage the DRC Book Series by working with editors and authors on their born-digital scholarship. I am also interested in connecting the DRC with projects that are showcased in some of our field’s conventions, such as CCCC and Computers & Writing. I am planning to work with presenters—especially those presenting at the digital praxis posters sessions—to feature their projects on the DRC website and social channels.

My larger intention for this year is to support graduate students by giving them a space to share their intellectual work. One of the things I learned from meeting with graduate students at conferences last year was the lack of a digital platform for them to present their work-in-progress. I have seen and heard many interesting and cutting-edge work at graduate student panels and conversations in the hallways between conference sessions, and I think the DRC can work to provide a space for these ideas to be heard.

Lastly, as a DRC fellow, I aim to be a resource to students and teachers of digital rhetoric / computers and writing by supporting their projects either through the available content within the DRC or my own developing knowledge of the subject matter.

I look forward to all of these endeavors and making even more meaningful connections this year. Let’s get chatting! I am @JasonCKTham over in the twittersphere.

About Author

Jason Tham

Jason is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota––Twin Cities. His current research focuses on making and design thinking in writing pedagogy, multimodality, and emerging technologies such as wearables and mixed reality.

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