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My earliest memory of interacting with digital technology goes back to 2002 when I started attending IT classes at school. It was a fascinating experience. When I received my first computer two years later, I already knew how to use some of the programs, type text, create presentations. The technology was developing rapidly, and I, being a non-digital native, was behind. However, everything changed when I started my Ph.D., because we used a lot of digital tools in the classroom. I started using them for my online classes as well. Now I call myself digital literate. 

As a DRC fellow, I advocate for diversity and would like to encourage people to tell their stories using digital storytelling. I would like people all over the world to share their life-changing stories. This is the reason I decided to create a project which would let students tell about their experiences. This would be especially significant for multilingual speakers since writing for a global audience would ultimately encourage them to use multiple languages, dialects, and cultures in order to develop and enhance their multilingual and multicultural identities.  

I look forward to start my journey as a DRC fellow, I am excited to share my project with a global audience and to learn about digital experiences of others. I hope to raise awareness about digital literacy and difficulties of learning English as a foreign language in a form of digital storytelling. 

I created this digital story to tell you about the challenges I had to overcome to become digitally literate, and how it impacts my life.

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