DRC Wiki Edit-a-Thon

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Wiki editing events, called edit-a-thons, are organized, scheduled opportunities designed to broaden access to and representation in a wiki site. A number of edit-a-thons have been held for the most famous of wiki sites, Wikipedia, which offers a how-to guide for edit-a-thons.

The DRC is organizing an edit-a-thon for the DRC Wiki at Computers and Writing 2015! We’ll be sitting at a Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative table throughout the conference and presenting in session E2.

If you want hands-on experience editing a wiki or an opportunity to examine classroom wiki activities, consider taking part in the DRC Wiki’s edit-a-thon during the Computers and Writing 2015 conference.

CW2015 Keys

For more information, keep an eye on this site and come see us at Computers and Writing 2015! We look forward to meeting you–at our table or in our session!

About Author(s)

A Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative fellow in 2013-14 and 2014-15, Brenta Blevins is a PhD student specializing in rhetoric and composition at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She has previously served as Graduate Assistant Director of the UNCG Writing Center, Assistant Director of the UNCG Digital ACT Studio, and worked in the software development industry. Her research interests include online pedagogy, wikis as genre and learning tool, digital literacy, and multiliteracy centers.

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