MLA 2019 Reviews Overview


Themed around Textual Transaction, the 2019 MLA conference was held in Chicago, IL from January 3-6. Presentations, workshops, and talks took up the conference theme as it intersected with everything from literature, to pedagogy, to scholarly identity, and we are pleased to present reviews of some of these sessions.

As with past years, the DRC invited MLA attendees to review sessions centered around digital rhetoric, digital pedagogy, and digital humanities, and received the following thoughtful engagements with MLA sessions:

MLA Session 089: What We Teach When We Teach Digital Humanities: Curriculum and Experience
Review by Kristin vanEyk

MLA Session 200: On Text and Context: Playing with Possibilities in Video Games
Review by Sarah Hughes

MLA Session 485: Liminality and the Digital Turn
Review by Ruth Li

MLA Session 525: Going Public: How and Why to Develop a Digital Scholarly Identity
Review by Adrienne Raw

We are excited to share these reviews with you and how you will continue to conversation in the comments and on Twitter and Facebook.

About Author

Adrienne Raw

Adrienne E. Raw is a PhD student in the Joint Program in English and Education at the University of Michigan. Her interests include fan studies, digital rhetoric, and composition pedagogy.

Whitney Lew James

Whitney Lew James is a PhD candidate in rhetoric and composition at Texas Christian University with research interests in translingual pedagogy, digital rhetoric, and disability studies.

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