Introducing a New Podcast: On The Job w/ the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative


Show Notes

Welcome to On The Job w/ the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative, a limited podcast series from the Sweetland DRC!

In this introductory episode, hosts Nupoor Ranade and Wil Flores, 2019-2020 DRC fellows, run through some of the details about the show, a bit about who they interviewed, and who this show is for. You can probably guess by the name, but this podcast is a candid review of different folks’ experiences on the job market specific to writing, rhetoric, and technical communication. The episodes are full of great advice from a variety of scholars in different positions, so there’s something for everyone here. The episode should also soon be available on other podcast platforms, as well as the forthcoming ones!

You can listen to this episode on Anchor, or you subscribe to the show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts for more, and we hope to hear from you on social media (@SweetlandDRC). Stay tuned for more!

Transcript of “Episode 0: Introduction to the Show”

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[light piano music plays]

Wil Flores: Hi there! Welcome to Episode 0 of the On the Job with the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative podcast.

Nupoor Ranade: Thanks so much for checking out this podcast! We’re so happy that you’re here.

W: I’m Wil Flores.

N: And I’m Nupoor Ranade.

W: And I’m a PhD candidate in Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at MSU and a current DRC Fellow.

N: I’m also a PhD candidate and DRC fellow, but I’m at the CRDM or the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program at NC State. To learn more about us, you can head to DRC’s graduate fellows page for this year, that is 2019 to 2020.

W: And we’ll add that in the show notes as well.

W: So in this preface of the limited run On the Job episodes, we’ll be talking to you about the goal of the podcast, who it’s for, and a bit about who we interviewed. So let’s get started with why we’re doing this podcast.

N: The main reason is that the job market is intimidating. Wil and I both will be on the job market pretty soon, like most of the students in academia, and we hear tons of advice on what to do, what not to do, but such advice is often generalized and subjective and specific to certain disciplines. So we decided to crowdsource information about what it is like to be on the job market in the field of rhetoric, writing, and technical communication. [pause]So who is this podcast for?

W: Literally anyone on the job market in our field. There’s lots of advice from the people that we interviewed, down to the nitty gritty stuff like ironing your clothes and taking lots of snacks to job visits, to larger stuff like prepping your materials and managing the workload of 60-plus job applications. So let’s talk a little bit about who we invited.

N: We wanted all the information to be relevant and current, so we interviewed people who just wrapped up their first year in their tenure-track faculty position and some folks who were on the job market this year. So all the information that we have is from the past 2 years, which makes it super relevant, super new, and super fresh.

N: Some of the folks that we’ve interviewed are working as lecturers, some are working as tenure-track faculty, and some of them are wrapping up the job market search. We have a good mix, and we’re really excited for you all to listen to their great advice.

W: So we’ll be releasing new episodes every Wednesday through the summer, and we hope you’ll listen in! We also want to hear your feedback or suggestions on our blog, and that’s at digitalrhetoriccollaborative dot org, or our Facebook or Twitter accounts, which are at @SweetlandDRC. Just be sure to tag us. Thanks for listening in, and watch this space for more.

N: That’s a wrap! [laughter][piano music fades out as the episode ends]

About Author

Wilfredo Flores

Wilfredo Flores is a fourth-year PhD candidate at Michigan State University in the Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures Department. His research interests include digital material rhetorics, online queer and trans communities, sexual health communication, digital research methods, and cultural rhetorics.

Nupoor Ranade

Nupoor is a PhD Candidate in the Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media at the North Carolina State University. Her research focuses on audience analysis, digital rhetoric, user experience and information design primarily in the field of technical communication and artificial intelligence. Her research experience and partnerships with the industry help her bridge gaps of knowledge that she then brings to her pedagogical practices.

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