Introducing a DRC Podcast: The Sonic Renaissance


This year, after the world loudly and unapologetically announced that “Black Lives Matter,” within our 20-21 cohort, we wanted to do something to honor the spirit of that proclamation. African American culture is built on, part of, akin to, and styled as oratorical rhetoric, and so DRC Fellows D’Arcee Charington Neal and Kimberly Williams have built this podcast, The Sonic Renaissance as an evolving conversation of black rhetorical space that foregrounds the work of: music, healing, sound, and life in the digital space of audio.

Featuring a meditation from sound sorcerer Kiru Greene, and a conversation with Hip-Hop Tech Writer, Dr. Victor Del Hierro, the premiere episode, “Finding A New Peace” focuses on how to center yourself, your mind, and your intentions on recognizing and appreciating black sonic work as a calm and meditative force in your everyday life. This episode was built to give you something to consider as we open this year in a tumultuous era of uncertain racial and humanitarian crises. Future episodes will address topics like black sonic creativity, the New Nu Harlem Renaissance, and even digital blackface, but we wanted to give you something to take your mind away for awhile.

So take a moment. Inhale for 4, exhale for 8. And take a listen to the Sonic Renaissance here.


Music and sounds in this episode come from:

Surrender – Jhene Aiko

My Humps – The Black Eyed Peas

Supernatural – We Are King

Back That Ass Up – Juvenile

Esuna – Rinny

User: Timbre

User: Feveran

User: Shortiefoeva2

User: Andrewkn

User: Geldart

About Author

D'Arcee Neal

D'Arcee is an English PhD student studying disability and black digital media in Afrofuturism. He believes the future is both accessible, and in Wakanda, forever.

Kimberly Williams

I study sound studies, critical race theory, and social media. Chinchillas are vastly underrated.

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