Presenting The Sonic Renaissance – Episode 2: The Nu Blk Sound!


Hot off the presses, DRC Fellows Kimberly Williams and D’Arcee Neal are back with another episode of The Sonic Renaissance, focusing on the past, present, and future of black sound! This episode we take some time to talk about the verdict of Derek Chauvin, and the appetite for black music as it changes through time. Looking at R & B, Pop, Grunge, Rock, Experimental and Neo Soul, we talk to music critic for Spectrum magazine Peter Tabakis about the role of criticism in black music taste and what makes for a good cleaning soul over something worthy of an award. Later, we speak to podcaster, voice actor and all around awesome human Thomas Reid on his perspective as a blind black man and the relation of how black artistry has yet to embrace people with disabilities. It’s a SUPER PACKED episode with a lot of awesome music, great conversation, and fresh perspectives considering 2021 as the Nu Black Renaissance of music.

Listen to the Episode Here!

Music in this episode includes:

Trigger Protection Mantra – Jhene Aiko

It Was a Good Day – Ice Cube

Love on Top – Beyonce

The Kill Bill Soundtrack – The RZA

Bussifame – Dawn Richard

Milkshake – Kelis

Jerk Ribs – Kelis

The Way You Make Me Feel – Janelle Monae

Wash Us in the Blood – Kanye West feat. Travis Scott

Ultralight Beam – Kanye West feat. Chance the Rapper

W.A.P. – Cardi B feat. Meg Thee Stallion

Attribution Credit via

Andrewkn – In Silence

klaudux – Hip Hop beat Chill

Migfus20 – Future Chill Music

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D'Arcee Neal

D'Arcee is an English PhD student studying disability and black digital media in Afrofuturism. He believes the future is both accessible, and in Wakanda, forever.

Kimberly Williams

I study sound studies, critical race theory, and social media. Chinchillas are vastly underrated.

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