C&W 2018 Reviews Overview


It was great to see everyone at the 2018 Computers & Writing conference (#cwcon) in Fairfax, Virginia! Held May 24-27, this year’s conference was hosted by Douglas Eyman and his team at George Mason University. The theme for the conference was Digital Phronesis: Code/Culture/Play. Presentations and talks were given around topics that intersect digital rhetoric, practical wisdom, embodied experience, pedagogy, ethics, and more.

As with past C&W conferences, we put out a call for conference panel and keynote reviews, and are glad to showcase a handful of them here. These reviews give us a glimpse at the conference. We hope you will enjoy them and continue the conversation with us by responding in the comment section or tweeting us at @SweetlandDRC.

A special thank you to all of the reviewers for your thoughtful reviews!

About Author

Jason Tham

Jason is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota––Twin Cities. His current research focuses on making and design thinking in writing pedagogy, multimodality, and emerging technologies such as wearables and mixed reality.

Lauren Brentnell

Lauren is a doctoral student in the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. Her research is within trauma studies, particularly in how trauma survivors use nonlinear, multimodal, and digital forms of composing during recovery.

Kristin Ravel

Dr. Kristin Ravel is an Assistant Professor of English at Rockford University. Her research interests encompass multimodality, digital media studies, ethics in communication, and feminist theory.

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