Call for Blog Contribution: Discerning Digital Rhetorics’ Futures


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Call for Contributions to DRC Blog Carnival 14

Editors: Derek Mueller, Lauren Garskie, Jason Tham

A fishbowl-styled session at the 2018 RSA Conference in Minneapolis, MN, organized by Trent Kays, convened around a collective concern for what its title posed as “The States and Futures of Digital Rhetorics.” Panelists and the participation-willing among attendees offered and also troubled a range of definitions and premises, some cast onto futuristic horizons, some rooted in the consequences of wide ranging digital practices (and dependencies), some situated in specific problem-solution frameworks, local cases in which digital rhetorics present vividly a reconstituted social fabric or fractious communication practice.

In addition to or as a result of these assemblages on digital rhetoric, definitional updates to digital rhetorics have also circulated recently. For example, Casey Boyle, James Brown, and Steph Ceraso’s May 2018 RSQ article, “The Digital: Rhetoric Behind and Beyond the Screen” re-theorizes the expanding everyday reach of digital rhetorics. Related scholarly treatments have appeared in the 2018 special issue of Present Tense (Volume 6, Issue 3), edited by Dustin Edwards and Bridget Gelms, on rhetorics of platforms, as well as in Enculturation‘s 2016 special issue (Volume 23), edited by Scott Barnett and Justin Hodgson, “Perspectives and Definitions of Digital Rhetoric.”

As a continuation of this surge of recent attention to digital rhetorics, and recalling the DRC’s first blog carnival in 2012, What Does Digital Rhetoric Mean to Me, we invite contributions to this 14th DRC Blog Carnival. We seek blog entries that attempt any of the following: connections and responses, deep(ened) definitions, slices of digital-rhetorical activity, accounts of wicked problems, speculative riffs, pragmatic roundabouts, and intersectional reorientations.

If you’re interested in contributing to this blog carnival, please submit your name, email, and short (about 100 words) proposal to this Google Form.

We will be reviewing and accepting proposals throughout August, so please send your descriptions as soon as possible, but no later than August 25. Full blog posts will be due approximately two weeks after your 100-word proposal is accepted. When completed, the blog post should be about 750-1000 words, but we do have some flexibility as we’re a on a digital platform. We encourage posts in a variety of forms and any medium appropriate for featuring digitally on the DRC, such as text, audio, and visual or other multimedia.

We expect to publish all accepted blog entries by September 30. For more information, please contact the Sweetland DRC Graduate Fellows at

About Author

Jason Tham

Jason is a PhD candidate in Rhetoric and Scientific and Technical Communication at the University of Minnesota––Twin Cities. His current research focuses on making and design thinking in writing pedagogy, multimodality, and emerging technologies such as wearables and mixed reality.

Lauren Garskie

Lauren Garskie is a PhD student in the Rhetoric & Writing Program at Bowling Green State University. Her interests include design, literacies, digital rhetoric, and multimodality.

Derek Mueller

Derek Mueller is associate professor and director of composition at Virginia Tech. His iPhone is probably set to Do Not Disturb.

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