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Assignment Title: Textual Analysis

Author: Liz Thomae, Indiana University Bloomington,

Course Motivation:
In this course, students learn to employ strategies of pre-writing, drafting, and revising, taking into consideration rhetorical purpose, the knowledge and needs of … Read more... “Course Activity: “Textual Analysis””

Classroom Activity: Hot Topics

Assignment Title: Hot Topics

Author: Cassie Kutev, Texas Woman’s University,

Course Motivation: As a multimodal pedagogical tool, debate expresses their arguments from competing perspectives to master forensic rhetoric. (Chang & Cho, … Read more... “Classroom Activity: “Hot Topics””

Assignment Title: Children’s Book Citations

Authors: Megan Heise, Carnegie Mellon University (

Date published: August, 2022

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Class Info/Tags: Face-to-Face, Hybrid, Synchronous, Composition Studies, Multimodal Rhetorics

Course Motivation: This course (English 101) encourages students to … Read more... “Course Activity: “Children’s Book Citations””