Writing Prompt: “Webfolio or LinkedIn”


Assignment Title: Webfolio or LinkedIn

Author: Tina Arduini, PhD, Ferris State University (tinaarduini@ferris.edu)

Date published: August, 2022

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Class Info/Tags: Digital Rhetoric, Multimodal Rhetorics, Writing for Social Media, Face-to-Face, Hybrid, Synchronous, Asynchronous

Course Motivation: The goal of this course (and subsequent assignment) is to prepare students for writing beyond the classroom. Specifically, this course helps prepare students to enter into the workplace.

Context of Use: This assignment comes at the end of the semester, and it is designed to prepare students to enter into the workplace. It also gives them the opportunity to compose with digital technologies, analyze the rhetoric of social media, and engage with the process of online identity curation.

Instructor Reflection: What I like most about this project is that it adapts to student needs. They are in charge of their online identity curation and can choose methods that work best for their professional goals beyond the classroom. Grading any kind of multimodal assignment can be difficult; however, I have worked with students to develop grading rubrics that have proven most effective. I recommend working with students on grading rubric design in order to make the grading process more transparent. To help students prepare for the final project, we spend weeks analyzing professional websites and LinkedIn profiles. When assigning this project in a F2F classroom, I also provide workshop time for students to troubleshoot and work together as they develop content.

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Sarah Hughes

Sarah Hughes is a PhD candidate in the Joint Program in English & Education at the University of Michigan, where she also teaches in the English Department Writing Program. Her research interests include digital rhetoric, gender and discourse, and gaming studies. Her dissertation project explores how women use multimodal discourse—grammatically, narratively, and visually—to navigate online gaming ecologies.

Jennifer Burke Reifman

Jennifer Burke Reifman is a 5th year Education Ph.D. Candidate at U.C. Davis with an emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies. Her research focuses on technology in the writing classroom, writing program administration, and student identity and agency. When she isn't being a graduate student and writing teacher, she spends most of her time playing with her 3-year old son, tending her backyard garden, or diving into a video game.